Imperial Smart Tea Maker
Imperial Smart Tea Maker

Imperial Smart Tea Maker

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Struggling with steeping a large quantity of tea amidst a busy morning schedule? Not to worry anymore, as we bring you our Imperial Tea maker that lets you steep multiple cups of loose-leaf tea, with unmatched ease.

All one has to do is:
- Scoop the desired quantity of your favourite tea
- Add the tea to the tea maker
- Pour heated water on the leaves to steep a perfect cup of loose-leaf tea.

Why Is It Unique?
Once the tea has been brewed, place the tea maker on top of your cup and our imperial tea maker automatically filters and pours the tea into your cup. Easy to maintain as well, It is very easy to clean afterwards and is also dishwasher safe. A 100% BPA free Tritan Tea Maker that takes brewing to a new level!

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