Mint Matcha Green Tea
Mint Matcha Green Tea

Mint Matcha Green Tea

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Weight: 50g
Servings: 25 cups

VAHDAM, Mint + Matcha Green Tea is made with pure certified Japanese Matcha powder and 100% natural Mint. This matcha green tea powder is sourced directly from farms in Uji, Japan. 
Japanese matcha green tea helps in weight loss, boosts energy, focus and metabolism.

Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, & r
ich with ecgc catechins

Enjoy It As: A simple Green tea, brewed in hot water. Just brew 1tsp of this mint match green tea in hot water for that. Or make your own mint matcha green tea latte at home by mixing it with milk, sweetener, and ice. Remember to whisk it well to a get a creamy consistency.
 This is a Vegetarian product.