Moringa Matcha Green Tea Powder
Moringa Matcha Green Tea Powder

Moringa Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Weight: 50g
Servings: 25

VAHDAM, Moringa + Matcha Green Tea Powder with powerful superfoods blend and 137x Anti-Oxidants (50 g, 25 Servings) is a CERTIFIED PURE JAPAN ORIGIN MATCHA TEA powder blended with 100% PURE INDIAN MORINGA TEA. The Matcha Green Tea Powder is sourced directly from farms in Uji, Japan & the Moringa Powder is sourced from farms in Tamil Nadu, India.

🍵 200 YEARS OF EXPERTISE - VAHDAM Green Tea Matcha Powder is brought to you by a team with over 200 years legacy in the Global Tea Industry bringing only the finest Japanese Matcha Tea Powder Superfoods. Picked, Stone Grounded at source in Japan & made available at Fair & Ethical Prices.

🍵 POWERFUL JAPANESE + INDIAN SUPERFOOD COMBINATION - Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder helps in weight loss, boosts energy, focus & metabolism. Rich with ECGC Catechins, Moringa Powder aids immunity, digestion & energy release. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, & rich with ecgc catechins

Enjoy It As: Just with hot water; Brew 1 tsp in hot water and enjoy. Or brew a delicious hot or cold latte. For latte brew 2 tsp, add milk, sweetener and ice cubes to chill. Enjoy everyday and energise your body.
 This is a Vegetarian product.