About Us

Popyuli (pop-yoo-lee/spelled Populi/people in Latin)
Our story is not about trends or fleeting moments but about values and things that last. Popyuli is an intimate space of fine home pieces conveying an inviting feeling of warmth and beauty. Each piece handpicked for you directly from artists, multidisciplinary design studios, and brands. We take pride in working with artisans and independent makers who are at the forefront of redefining the standards in the Home Decor space. Popyuli brings you only the best quality, unique products for your homes after carefully and thoughtfully vetting them from. We believe in fair-pay for the artisans who handcraft these pieces.

Bringing joy to your homes is our ultimate goal!

Popyuli is constantly evolving and finding new ways to affect your lives positively. Hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!