How To Choose The Best Furnishing Fabrics

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about changing your home decor is usually what mood and colour to pick. Colour is usually one of the biggest factor in picking the fabrics for your soft furnishings, but other factors matter too.

Cushion Covers

The importance of fabric durability greatly depends on the type of furniture or decor product you're looking to add to your space.

A high thread count (20,000 - 30,000) and tight weave fabric is recommended for upholstery. A thread count simply refers to the number of threads per square inch of fibre. The denser the fabric, the longer it lasts.

For your cushion covers & table fabrics, you can choose to opt for relatively delicate fabrics while being mindful of the weather. Cotton & linen work well for our Indian weather & they are easy to maintain even if you have pets or kids at home. Velvet is another great option to consider. 

Choice of fabric will also depend on the look and feel you are opting for because different fabrics add different appeal. For example, cotton & linen work beautifully if you are looking for a more relaxed look, whereas velvet, jacquard, and leather work well for a more opulent look.

Apart from durability & style, we recommend considering factors like exposure to sunlight, pets, allergies, & mildew resistance (if you live in a humid climate) before you pick the right fabric for your upholstery & cushion covers. We have put together a range of cushion covers that are available in all these materials to suit your needs. You can check them out here.
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