Weaverly Quilted Bedspread Set Of 3 | Beige
Weaverly Quilted Bedspread Set Of 3 | Beige
Weaverly Quilted Bedspread Set Of 3 | Beige

Weaverly Quilted Bedspread Set Of 3 | Beige

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Crafted from sumptuous matelassé woven fabric, this masterpiece exudes luxury. Meticulously woven from 100% cotton with long staple yarns, it offers a lavish embrace. Delicately tumble washed for supreme softness, it invites you to sink into serenity. Elevate your slumber sanctuary with timeless beauty that's both refined and resilient. Machine washable for effortless upkeep, it's a lavish treat that beckons you to experience a truly regal night's rest.. We collaborated with Studio16 for this range of uber soft bedspreads.
The breathability of cotton also means that bacteria typically doesn't grow on it. This means that 100% cotton is a great option for bedding, because even people with delicate skin or allergies can go to sleep without worrying about irritation or reaction.


  • This set includes: 1 Bed Cover¬† + 2 Shams/Pillowcase
  • Dimensions (in inch)
    Bed Cover - 96 x 108"
    Sham - 18 x 28" + 2" Flange on all four sides

  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Colour - Beige
  • Made in India
  • Wash Care - Gentle machine wash

Should You Sleep Under Bedspreads?
Yes, you can sleep under bedspreads. Bedspreads are designed to provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort while sleeping. They are typically made from lightweight materials and are suitable for various seasons. Bedspreads not only serve a functional purpose by keeping you warm but also add a decorative touch to your bed and bedroom. Many people use bedspreads in addition to sheets and blankets for a cozy and aesthetically pleasing sleep experience in colder seasons.
Bedspreads can also provide protection to your comforter, keeping it clean and extending its lifespan. Additionally, bedspreads can be easily removed and washed, making them a convenient choice.

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