Decoding The Best Planter For Your Home

Cooped up in our homes now we're dreaming of the outdoors again; the smell of fresh greens, soft breeze, gentle sunlight breathing life into our day. But we can get just a little closer to this feeling sitting indoors too. It's no surprise that plants add a plethora of life to our living spaces. Picking the right type of plant for your space is crucial but we'll leave that discussion for another day.
The amount of time you spend in choosing the right plants and placing them in the right location at home should also be justified with an equally beautiful, carefully crafted, and easily manageable planter. Choosing the right planter for your greens is rather simple, once you know what to look for. Read on to know a few basics about choosing the right planters for your plants.
How to pick the right planter for your home

Do I Need A New Planter?
Yes, and that’s true if you’re planning to get new plants home or working with existing ones because even repotting is an extremely important step in keeping your plants happy.

Which Material Should I Choose?

Picking the right kind of planter material is crucial to the overall health of your plants. Most stores carry terracotta, ceramic, or earthenware planters, and they’re all good materials. Avoid plastic planters because it will hold heat and damage your plant roots, is obviously bad for the environment, and lacks the finesse that other materials have.
Now if you’re looking for a durable, weather resistant, lightweight, yet chic planter then we suggest you buy a fibreglass planter.
- Our fibreglass planters can withstand any season or weather.
- The harsh UV rays have minimal to no effect on its colour & finish.
- They are affordable because once you buy a fibreglass planter, you won’t have to change it for years.
- They’re really lightweight so easy to move around
- Fibreglass planters are perfect for indoor & outdoor use.
- They won't crack due to temperature changes
Can actually prevent water evaporation and minimise soil moisture loss.
- They don't require any maintenance.
And when we decided to bring planters for you, we consciously thought about all these points before adding our fibreglass beauties to the range.

Does My Planter Need Drainage?
Yes, we definitely recommend choosing planters with drainage, especially if you’re new to watering your greens. Our fibreglass planters also come with two drainage holes to make life easier for you. Check them out here :)